Aug 28, 2013

US poised to attack Syria relying on a dubious intercepted phone call. Obama needs to have an absolute proof for something like this.

Word on the ether is that the US is poised to attack Syria based on an intercepted phone call. 

Whether the Obama admin is just looking for an excuse to assist the Muslim Brotherhood in taking over Syria or whether it really wants to stop a mad government from inflicting inhumanities on its people remains to be seen. 
But if cowboy Barrack gets all trigger happy on a flimsy clue that does not even qualify as evidence then the world knows that he is abusing his power and turning the noble USAF into assassins of the most villanous organization that the world has seen after the Nazi war machine. 

An intercepted call may have been staged to begin with.  What is the NSA's criterion to validate the veracity of the callers and the content of their message?  The standard of proof must be absolute, certainly beyond a reasonable doubt.  And yet a doubt exists but the WH is readying the US public for yet another American intrusion in the lives and government of a sovereign people who are not a threat to Americans.  Kerry says the sense that the Assad government did it is strong.  That is not good enough.  We need pictures like when Kennedy justified the blockade during the Cuban missile crisis.  Right now we have words of an administration operative - one that has shown extreme bias in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Obama needs to set a more stringent criterion because justice requires it.  To go ahead because of a flimsy excuse is unconscionable, indefensible and unjustifiable. 

The people must voice their objection and contact their representatives in Congress to withhold any authorization to attack Syria.

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