Aug 27, 2010

Sheik razed his palatial home to sympathize with parent of drowning victim.

An Arab sheik, Prince Nasir, razed his patatial home out of respect for the sensibilities of an American consultant whose son drowned in the pool during a party.  The consultant was Matt Damon and that incident was a scene from the movie Syriana.  It would be nice for the supporters of the Ground Zero to see that then maybe, just maybe then will understand how to sympathize or empathize.  Then again, I don't think they give a flying rat's ass as the mosque is meant to symbolize the creeping domination of Islam.  It could not be otherwise because if they put themselves for 2 seconds in a victim's shoes, they would see how heinous and ignominious marking the field of blood with the symbol of the murderers is.

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