Nov 10, 2012

Mayan calendar prediction

The end of civilization and morality in 2012.

Our power over the media.

One question that has been settled this election cycle is that the people who work for the main stream media are nothing more than democratic party operatives with a byline. 

Believe nothing they write or say, ignore them, turn them off and buy nothing from the companies that advertise in their publications or on their shows!


Could be the way to go so the Democrat political bulldozer cannot shove the rest of the country.

Secession does not have to be bloody. If TX succeeds, I might just go there. I hate the Liberal ways and being their slave.

Today Obama, tomorrow Biden

For the adults, there's always secession.

Obama not president because of election fraud

t happened and everyone knows it. Why is it that people are surrendering to this fraud and accepting Obama as legitimate?

OH fraud.

PA fraud

FL fraud

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