Nov 15, 2012

Gaza A Preview of Iran

 Should we trust Obama and his administration about Iran being controlled?

CNN: Pornographic.

Despite being in a free country, CNN spouts the government propaganda.

Heroic Media 2012 Adoption Commercial

God's will and the Obama presidency (et al. )

Some of my status updates from FB this week.

  • Some people think that just because Obama became president, then it must have been God's will. There is a big difference between what God desires and what God permits. God permits sin because it is a consequence of being free but God never desires it. In fact, God despises sin - like a presidency that promotes the carnage of the innocents among other abominations.

  • Democrats demonize the rich and their businesses but fail to realize that when they eat the rich and kill businesses, they kill the people whom they wanted to help. Why is that so hard to get?

  • Some Conservative writers urge everyone to move forward and accept the election results because we'll get our chance again next time. What they do not get is next time will be the same as this time. An idiot will be elected by an organized class of bottom dwellers who will cheat and lie just like they now. It is over and we need to free ourselves from the dictatorship of these maggots and their accomplices in the media and political offices. Hence the move to break away. And it can be a good thing. See what happened after the USSR broke up.

  • Do recall the numerous velvet revolutions in the past decade or two. Radical changes can happen without bloodshed. We cannot continue living where our rights are stolen during an election and our earnings given as booty to the Liberal supporters.

  • People say the US will be weak if states break away. I think we're weaker with Obama leading the union, gutting the military and having our forces wear the surrender hat.

  • So, where's Obama's business czar? If I were he, I would recommend the scaling down of Obamacare; that'll stem the tide of layoffs. But do you think Obama will listen? Hypocrisy is sickening.

  • "Some men see things as they are and ask why I dream things that never were and ask why not." Robert Kennedy Why not impeach? Why not secede? Why not nullify?

The Church or Obama. No middle of road.

Every option is on the table - except that of surrender. Church or Obama, you have to choose.
This will separate the wheat from the chaff.

Christmas is banned because it offends muslims.

muslims are offensive. Can we ban these bastards?

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