Nov 2, 2011

Why 2012 is the most important election for the USA

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This is the most recent video (Unedited Version) from our friends at -- one of the best news aggregation sites on the web. In our opinion, much better than Drudge Report and HuffPost.

It is important to note that the powerful flag burning footage after the quote "No--It's a harder choice than that." is symbolic of what will happen to our great nation if the majority of American's choose the wrong side. As far as we know, the flag burning footage is not from any 'Occupy' protest in the United States; however, you can find a plethora of images and video of US flag desecration by just searching Google for flag burning, occupy protest, occupy wall street, flag desecration, etc...

My comment:
The coming election is not just  about 2 parties with different flavors of the same politic. Rather, it is a more radical choice of completely different, nay opposing visions. These visions will form our children and their children and change our way of life. Now more than ever, we need to know and help others be informed correctly. Vote GOP.

Obama "spreads the sunshine" to Solyndra. Third world graft and corruption gone wild - in the USA.

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President Obama spent $535 million of taxpayer stimulus money to prop up Solyndra, a solar panel company run by his political campaign contributors. Even though Department of Energy and White House staffers warned that the company's business model would never work, the loan was rushed out the door anyway. Now that Solyndra has gone belly up, taxpayers are left holding the bill. Learn more at

My comment:  This is how politics work in the third world: "Spreading the sunshine." It is also called graft and corruption. I wonder why people just watch and shake their heads while he goes robbing the nation to bride his cronies.

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