Feb 14, 2011

Ethics of Entrapment. Is what Lila Rose doing wrong?

Lila Rose has been criticized of unenthical behavior in her efforts to expose the immoralities and illegal activities of Planned Parenthood by entrapment.  Let me make a few observations to defend such an activity.

In the Hebrew Scriptures, an angel was permitted to test Job by killing his children and destroying his property.   Cfr. Job1-2.   That's a hell of a lot more than posing to be a pimp.

Also, using the morality of the greater evil one may ask:  which is more evil, to pose as a pimp to expose and curb the activities of an organization that murders unborn children or to do nothing?  Answer: to do nothing is more evil than to pretend to be a pimp.  St. Theresa of Avila said,  "Those who make no mistakes, make nothing."  And at the end, Christians are judged with what they have accomplished with their time, talent and treasure.  The one who did nothing and buried his one talent was punished for stupidity and sloth.  God told him, "You could have deposited the talent in the bank for interest if you were not going to use it as capital."  Cfr. Gospel of St. Matthew 25:14-30.

And come to think of it, who is the victim of the false witness?  Who is hurt by posing as a pimp?  It would be the reputation of the poser because people would think he is a shady character.  The 8th commandment was not against truth per se but against injuring another by the false witness.  So, the poser sacrifices his own reputation to stop an immoral institution.   And that is not bad because one can even sacrifice one's very life to help another in the Christian ethos.

So, in my opinion, the ways and means used by Lila Rose is acceptable in and of themselves.

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