Nov 25, 2009

Blog: "What will make you happy?" asked my 6 year old daughter.

Last Sunday, my kids and I built a leaf pile that they tore into by 
jumping in it, burrowing under it, 
throwing the leaves at each other, 
putting it inside their clothes and 
chasing each other around it. 
While this was
going on, I taped the event then sat on the swing to rest.

My 6 year old daughter walked up, looked me in the eye and asked, "Are you happy Dad? I said I am. Unconvinced
she continued, "What will make you happy Dad?" I
answered spontaneously, "If you and your brothers get 
along and are happy, then I'll be happy." "What if you played with us?" she persisted. "I'm a little tired right  now" 
I said.  So, she talked to her siblings and soon they all came bearing leaves to shower on me." I just smiled.

Later that night, I asked my wife if she put her up to it. 
"No", my wife answered. "But I always tell them that they 
will make us happy if they are obedient and don't fight 
each other." So it truly came from my daughter.

She's the one whom I've blogged about from time to time because of her temper. But now she's growing fast, 
becoming perceptive and truly loving. I confess that in my life that is what I consider as the purest act of love that has been bestowed upon me; I felt like kneeling to thank God for it. It was enough to make me dump all my baggage so 
that I can focus on her instead and love her in return.

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