Nov 20, 2010

Back from death experience. Met great grandad and miscarried sibling.

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A four year old child dies, meets great grandfather and miscarried sibling who he didn't even know about.
H/T to CMR

I have 3 miscarried children.  This confirms my belief that they live and I shall meet them someday.  I try not to forget and listing them here will help as my memory fades with age.  My supposed second child died after my wife complained of pain.  Another was expelled while she was at the toilet.  I remember wanting to scoop the remains and baptise him.  The third was found dead during the sonogram.  I remember the doctor saying, "There's no heartbeat."  It took a few seconds before the reality hit me and when it did, I felt like collapsing on the floor.  This is not a popular topic in the US culture specially when many want to even deny the fact that unborn children are really people.  But this video makes the memory of my dead children bittersweet.  The loss in painful but the fact that I have 3 other children waiting for me in heaven makes it sweet.

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