Mar 21, 2009

Women who had abortions expose it's evil and lies

During a march for life, I came across a group of women holding up black signs that read “I regret my abortion.” They looked at us gratefully, as though to say, “Thanks for caring.” I saw the sadness in their eyes and in my heart I grieved for their loss and pain. This morning, it dawned to me that there can be no better advocate to stop abortions than those who have been victimized by it.

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Despite this, feminists still push for abortion. Jane Brennan explains, “Feminists groups do not want to see the truth of how abortion hurts women. ...To acknowledge the women who’ve suffered from abortion, feminists would have to admit that abortion isn’t good for women. Where would that leave them? Planned Parenthood would have to shut down. Groups like NOW and NARAL would no longer have a purpose and would cease to exist. Laws would have to be changed. Politicians would have to be reeducated. The feminists groups would lose all their control and political power and that scares them. It is that fear that keeps them entrenched in their mistaken beliefs. It is that fear that drives them to crush anyone who tries to persuade them differently. "

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I understand the need to be part of a cause, of something larger than oneself. But why choose the side that hurts women and kills children when one can save the unborn and their mothers?

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