Dec 5, 2012

Obama's budget proposal got 0 votes in Congress. Pelosi calls it "Excellent"

EPIC FAIL. Pelosi: The President Put Forth an ‘Excellent Proposal’ -- Got 0 Votes President Obama’s fiscal year 2013 budget, which would have added $6.4 trillion in new deficits over 10 years, received zero votes in Congress. The House defeated the budget 414-0 in March, while the Senate struck it down 99-0 in May. The budget included additional stimulus spending and raising taxes on upper-income earners. However Pelosi said Obama’s budget for 2013, which got zero votes in Congress, Democrat or Republican, was “an excellent proposal.” She's either using CA standards or smoking some Choom from Hawaii. Nonetheless, such statements must not be taken lightly and Pelosi should explain how a budget that go ZERO votes was an "excellent proposal". Call her office and ask. Could be fun.

Obama, BinLaden & Benghazi

Someone very high on the chain of command gave a stand down order that got our people killed. (Must not be his people otherwise .... ) We know it was not the CIA or Sec. of Defense, so who the blazes is left?

Dems to cut Soc. Security & Medicare

To alienate the GOP from those who use these benefits, Democrats target cutting Social Security & Medicare rather than the billions of useless subsidies to industries.

2 Cows to a Socialist, Democrat, Communist & Republican

Innocence of Muslims Full Movie 74 Min HD Watch Online

Historic. What muslims don't want you to see.
Better download and save because this won't be up for long.

Is Obama doing the work of the Lord?

Watching Blacks follow Obama ...

Call it Race Baiting or whatever you want but we call it Liberal Baiting! Every time we post things like this the Liberal Loons drinking the Obama Kool Aid put down their cups and pick up their Obama Phones and comment like trolls on our page. That gives us an opportunity to zap them like the flies that they are and ban them! They are too dumb to know they are stupid and do not even read the posts. Please SHARE SHARE SHARE! --- my comment: They never learned how to be free as the Democratic party took over where the slaveholders left off.

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