Nov 29, 2009

Video: Not to render to Ceasar what is God's! Manhattan Declaration.

Mike Huckabee talks to Chuck Colson about the Manhattan Declaration, which is an official document composed by a group of 150 Christain leaders that are uniting against causes such as abortion, gay marriage and others.  These men of God will not be forced to cooperate with the sinful structures that the Obama administration and the current legislature are promoting.  Like MLK or Mahatma Gandhi, these leaders have the courage of their convictions to face the consequences of standing up to immorality, debauchery, depravity and evil that is corrupting the American soul and compromising its culture.  As the pilgrims have sought a new land where they can worship God freely, these men are taking back that land that is slowly falling into the clutches of evil.  These men are now being joined by hundreds of thousands of believers who are ready to engage in forms of civil disobedience and go to jail than to support and finance all forms of immorality.  Whether it is withholding taxes or engaging in massive demonstrations, the people of God are now set to stop America from being dragged into the depths of godlessness.  To join this historic stand for God and country, one can follow the link above to the Manhattan Declaration.

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