Sep 21, 2009

Thoughts about bishops, health care proposal, criminalize abortion

If it is not in writing, then it does not exist.
In my few courses in law, this is one lesson that stuck with me. People can say anything you want to hear, but if it is not in the contract or the bill, then all those promises are not enforceable. Obama can vow or pledge that there will not be any federal funding of abortions in the health care plan, but unless and until it is explicitly proscribed and precluded in some amendment, that those words have no binding effect. Our Lord taught us to be cunning and shrewd like serpents while we keep our innocence like doves. He did not ask us to be gullible, credolous and naive.  Hopefully, the USCCB has some short term memory to consider the recent actions of the president as it relates to abortion.  His fancy rhetoric has not been substantiated by deeds.

Around the world...
In the Philippines, abortion is illegal.  In Poland, the bishops will excommunicate any politician who will support abortion laws.  In the US, bishops and a cardinal solemnized the funeral of the most pro-abortion politician in the past 40 years.  (An associate priest could have presided over a private Mass and burial - considering Kennedy's pro-abortion legislative decisions.)

A right to life constitutional amendment?
Is it possible to have an amendment in the constitution that will protect the right to life of unborn children?  If it cannot go through the normal channels, can it be done via a referendum?

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