Oct 20, 2011

Mother beats toddler to death for lipstick ... with even more tragic twist afterwards.

This has been circulating in FB about a toddler who told her mother: “Mom, I painted the sheets with lipstick, ” outraged mother struck the child unconscious.  Then she apologized for what she had done and asked the child to open her eyes but it was too late. Her little heart had stopped. Bedroom sheets read…  “Mom, I love you.” ( It is dramatic but it may not be true.)

The comment below identifies the picture of someone who was mauled by a dog - not killed by her mom.  I kept the post to inform the readers about it just in case they knew the child.

Why was a woman made from the rib of a man

This account was from the Creation narrative in the book of Genesis from the Hebrew (Jewish) and Christian Holy Books.

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