Jan 13, 2011

Two massacres, two presidents, two speeches, two spirits - and never the twain shall meet.

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Never let a crisis go to waste as the brazen opportunists say. This event used the coffins of the slain as a platform for a politician. Ever since the Democrats have been clobbered by the people’s wrath, they started to repackage themselves and chant another mantra. Gone are the days of bulldozing the people’s will and sentiments, gone are the official attacks to the GOP and Tea Party. Instead, they put forth a charm offensive using muppets and melodrama.  I say they should have had more respect for the dead and their relatives and not leveraged a tragedy for profile, posturing and profit.

And they know how to pray when they want to. You have seen them go to mosques and behave appropriately – and had their minions do the same. But with the T-shirts and the upbeat audience cheering and applauding the speaker instead of recollecting and commiserating with the victims, one cannot but be disgusted by the lack of reverence and utter oblivion to the spirit of the event.

Here is Obama's speech last night at Tucson, AZ. Why does it sound like a campaign or a pep rally more than a memorial - because that is what it was. Shameless. Guiltless.

Here is what a true memorial service is like - led by President Bush  for the victims in VA Tech.

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