Mar 6, 2010

Video: Sen. Paul Ryan. Healthcare reform needs a sound fix.

Everyone wants to fix the insurance problem. But a solution that is filled with fraudulent accounting does not inspire confidence. Paul Ryan presents CBO numbers and their ramifications. Why not work with the GOP for a real solution - not one that is bogus.  (Source:  or click here.)

Video: Did ABC debunk Stupak's claims about abortion funding in healthcare reform bill?


Stupak argues that in an insurance exchange, which is part of the health care overhaul bill, the current standing regulations on abortions will not be enough to prevent federal funding from going toward those services.

The language in the Senate health care bill restricts the use of public funds for abortion services. BUT private insurance plans that are offered in the insurance exchange CAN COVER ABORTION IF FUNDS FOR THE PROCEDURE ARE USED ONLY FROM PREMIUMS PAID BY BENEFICIARES. States have the option of banning coverage in insurance plans brought in insurance marketplaces.

"I'm not involved in the head count but they are lucky if they have 150 votes," Stupak told "They have to make a lot of improvements in order to get House members to vote for it. Members are not enamored with the process or contents of the bill." 

"Give us our language. Let's keep current law: No public funding for abortion." 

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