Aug 14, 2012

US sponsored muslim rebels in Syria executing fellow muslims.

Hurling Post Office workers off a building.  Warning: G-R-A-P-H-I-C.
(not for the faint of heart or full stomach)   Must be the islamic way of brotherly correction or they got sick of junk mail.  Tell Hilary to spend our tax dollars in more constructive ways, will ya?

Almost porn: Obama supporter Soledad O'Brien scrambling to cover herself when caught off guard

To cover her naked and lame views on the topic, she goes to cheat sheets from Liberal blogs for talking points - while on the air.    Complete article with other pictures

Here Gov. Sununu tells her to stop mouthing WH talking points.

Rep. Paul Ryan's The Path to Prosperity (Full Video)

The Senate has not passed a budget in over a thousand days and even if we did get this pass the Senate, we would have to make Obama sign it, after all it is a election year. The odds of that are dismal, that means we are looking at a debt crises with austerity like in Greece with the riots and mayhem.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer Won't Let DNC Chair Get Away with Lying About Medicare Reform

There are lots of lies about Ryan's reform--like the claim that it would shift costs onto seniors--but the Obama campaign is working extra hard to get away with the lie that Ryan's Medicare reform would hit current seniors. 

I might have lost track, but in this 4-minute clip I counted 10 instances in which CNN's Wolf Blitzer either points out, or asks DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to admit, that Paul Ryan's Medicare reform would only affect Americans who are under the age of 55.


Clueless Obama Slams Ryan For Not Passing Farm Bill That GOP Passed 2 Weeks Ago. Doh!

He needs to read his updates more.  And the media should be fair to point out that major gaffe.

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