Nov 20, 2012

Gaza will not be another Vietnam.

Hamas will not become an invisible enemy as Israel knows who they are.  The Mossad database is up to date.  And the people of Gaza are not sympathetic with Hamas so, the entire population is not the enemy.  In fact, they may even see the Israelis as liberators and collaborate with them.

It will be a well defined mission with the objective of taking down Hamas' command and control structure.  Tactics will involve checkpoints and sweeps.  The barrage of missiles and rockets will be neutralized and no new installations will take place.

And if Egypt comes in to assist their brother muslims, then Israel will route their armies again.

Video shows Hamas firing missile from hospital

Video report from Canadian news report Hamas firing Fajr-5 missiles to Jerusalem from Shifa hospital.

No cease fire. US sends ships to pull out Americans - including military?

During an interview with a Hamas spokesman, it has become painfully clear that the organization is not willing to accept a 2 state solution.  For them, Israel must withdraw and the "Palestinians" will rule all the land.  It is no secret what their concept of Palestine is.  Just look at their web sites.  For them, there is no Israel and the withdrawal they seek is surrender.

With that, Israel needs to consider if the Gaza is just a gambit to give Egypt and excuse to jump into the fray if Israel goes in.  And the puppeteer who armed Hamas, Iran, may have wanted this to happen to divert Israel.

Most Israelis would rather have Israel finish the job and sack Hamas with a fatal blow than be faced with another salvo of missiles a month from now.  The enemy has realized the limits of the Iron Dome and will simply fire off more than a dozen missiles at a time.  PM Natenyahu is decisive in doing what it takes.

But now Hamas needs to regroup and prepare for the next more fatal attacks.  And the UN, Obama and the media are unwittingly buying time for them.  There is nothing that the US or Egypt can do to stop Hamas for good.  And the US knows that Israel knows so, Obama has sent ships to evacuate American out of Israel.  Is he going to pull out the marines there if Israel does not stand down.

muslim terrorism to be rewarded by US to calm region down.

Terrorists have been pounding Israel with missles for years.  When Obama took a second term, they got emboldened to shot hundreds in a matter of weeks thinking that Israel will be stymied for want of US support.  But Israel stood up to the aggressors and defended the people.  And now, Obama and his cohorts are yelling, "Cease fire" to Israel and even rewards the terrorists with concessions to be forced from Israel.  This insanity has to stop.

The deal with Halal turkeys.

Halal turkeys having the formula  "Bismillah allahu akbar" meaning " in the name of Allah the greatest"  which is the very same prayer made when beheading infidels, kufar and apostates, recited over the meat renders it inedible to many religious people.  It is meat offered to idols.

Video recordings of Israeli activity when scoping or calling off air strikes

On Nov. 17, 2012, the Israel Air Force called off an airstrike when pilots spotted uninvolved civilians near the target. Watch and listen. For more from the IDF:
On November 18, the IAF identified rocket launchers in the act of firing rockets at Israel. In this video you can see that the IAF ensures the area of the target is clear of civilians before striking. If necessary, the IAF even aborts air strikes: In response to the rocket attacks from Gaza, the IDF has launched a widespread campaign against terror targets in the Strip. The operation, called Pillar of Defense, has two main goals: to protect Israeli civilians and to cripple the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza. For more from the IDF:

Hamas Rockets Hit their Own Civilians Twice as Often as They Hit Israelis


CNN reports on family killed at Gaza from the Israeli missile strikes

But CNN always neglects to report on the location of the Hamas launch sites and other military targets in the vicinity.

CNN also omits the measures that Israel has taken to warn the residents even by calling them up prior to striking a building.

And CNN never reported on the leaflets dropped by Israel advising residents to stay clear of Hamas sites.

Finally, CNN never featured the dummy missiles that Israel sends to create such a blast to scare any remaining residents prior to sending the truly lethal ones.

CNN is the most compromised if not deliberately deceptive media of all time.  Rather than report the news, it creates the news by spouting propaganda and forming popular opinion to support a view.  It ceased to be an objective and impartial observer that serves by informing the public.  Rather it now offers a disservice by misinforming the world.  It is truly contemptible and criminal in what it does.

Obamacare - free assisted suicide.

Now you can check out when you like.  Please be advised that suicide is punishable by eternal damnation.  But Obama makes it easy.

The free world has a new leader.

His name is Bibi not Waldo from Benghazi.

God's people vs. the spawn of the devil. ROE

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