Sep 6, 2012

What Clinton Really Thinks About Obama. video

Clinton's Dishonest Speech at DNC 2012

This article shows that Clinton's attack on Bush is unsubstantiated and dishonest.

Fact Check: Obama Had More to Do With 2008 Economic Meltdown Than Bush Ever Did

Krauthammer Scorches Clinton's Speech: "A Giant Swing And A Miss"

 This video shows Clinton agreeing with Ryan's budget. Yet he lied about it anyway.

Fact Check: Nothing Bill Clinton Said Last Night Is Even Remotely True

Democrats Booed Reinstatement of God and Jerusalem in Platform

Durring the Democratic National Convention boos break out for the vote to reverse the party's position on Jerusalem

Democrats booed when God and Jerusalem were reinstated as part of the political platform. They must prefer allah and the PLO instead. It is good to see what side they're on because it assures us that we are on the side of goodness, truth, life, love and freedom. This is a good fight and every person of goodwill need to be engaged. It is similar to the angelic battle against Lucifer and its minions. Now it is against Obama and the Democrats.

Jewish Democrat Criticism of Christian Supporters.

As a Catholic, I support Israel so that the Jews will have a safe haven, a sanctuary to run to if another persecution happens just like in Europe in WWII. What this guy is saying is offensive to me and other Christians. I never heard of such an aspiration - until now. Christians have risked their lives hiding Jews from Hitler.  So, we don't want them to be rounded up and slaughtered.  

I studied with Jewish people and I know better.  This schmuck knows nothing of Judaism, much less Christianity.  During the war, he would be a kapo.  He is actually working for the new Nazis, the Democrats under the new Hitler, Obama.

Think about it.  Why did the Democrats remove the reference to Jerusalem to begin with.  And what will stop them from removing it again - if the political winds should blow against the muslims, Barrack Hussein Obama already proclaimed his allegiance to the muslims.

So, this man is a schumck.  Now you know what one is.

This kind of a "Jew" reminded me of a kapo or a sonderkomando. See below Sonderkommando - "Special commando" ---originally used mainly for actual special-task troops in the Waffen SS. However, the term was quickly put to facetious use at the concentration camps, labor camps, and death camps as the euphemism for the prisoner-laborers forced to do jobs like stoking the crematoria, shaving newcomers' hair, processing seized belongings, helping unload trains, removing corpses from gas chambers, etc. Such laborers were told they could live in exchange for their hard effort, but there were regularly killed off and replaced. When working in their civilian clothes such laborers at times would have a color-coded armband to distinguish them from new arrivals ---perhaps one color for the crew unloading the trains and herding new arrivals to the undressing area, a different color for the crew that sorts belongings, etc. They might also wear the familiar striped prisoner suits similar to those used by the slave laborers. A number appended to the word Sonderkommando denoted prisoner-laborers attached to a specific "special action" ---example see Sonderkommando 1005 in Aktion 1005 above. Work gang leaders were called kapos.

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