Oct 29, 2009

Video: (Chicken-a-la-Carte) Let them eat pumpkin.

When told that the poor had no bread, Marie-Antoinette said, "Let them eat cake."   Some say she was clueless or apathetic;  others think that she might have thought of giving her cakes away.  No matter, in this video, one might wonder why people aren't contented with their simple food like rice and dried fish.  The answer is that there is no simple food to begin with.

View this movie at cultureunplugged.com

Video description:

Chicken a la Carte : Director: Ferdinand Dimadura | Genre: Drama | Produced In: 2005
Synopsis: This film is about the hunger and poverty brought about by Globalization. There are 10,000 people dying everyday due to hunger and malnutrition. This short film shows a forgotten portion of the society. The people who live on the refuse of men to survive. What is inspiring is the hope and spirituality that never left this people.

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