Aug 6, 2009

Work, dogs, law, neighbors, bishop, babies & praise

Are you unemployed, underemployed, furloughed, exploited or unfairly treated at work? Visit for perspective.

Three days ago, I rearranged my lawn furniture and that got my dog all tangled up. Guess what, someone called the cops who took my dog. Since I worked late, I had to pick the dog the next day and pay close to a $100 for the dogs stay, transport and paperwork. I felt like donating the dog were it not for my kids. Now I keep the dog in the house when I leave and smile more at my neighbors.

Also, I didn't know that my dog had a chip implanted in her that let the cops scan her info. She was a gift but can you imagine that on a dog. It's wierd because over here, if a child has not yet taken a breath through the mouth, then it is OK for the doctors to crush her skull. And, there were cases when a child had been born then placed in a shoe box and left in the closet to die.
Back where I came from, the Church would have gone ballistic, nuclear even. But here, my dear Archbishop Wuerl is willing to give Holy Communion to legislators who support abortion despite a standing canon law prohibition. Search the web and see if I am making this up. I know it is hard to believe. It's even harder to put that in perspective. This closing song provides a way to cope.

Joy, golf, clunkers and hamstrings

Man comes home from a golf game exhausted and despondent. His wife asked, “What happened?” “It’s terrible”, the man says “Harry died at the 10th hole.” The wife exclaimed, “That’s horrible!” “It is” the man continued, “Can you imagine, I had to hit the ball then drag Harry, hit the ball then drag Harry.”
That was from Bo’s video in my post last month illustrating how the past can hamstring the present. Dwelling on past sins keep us from seeing the needs of others and prevent us from loving God in them. So, he says “Bury Harry, so that we can hit the ball, hit the ball, hit the ball.” You know what he means – repent the fall, renounce the sin, avoid the occasions that go there then move forward.
Going to confession is not like going to a body shop where the dings and dangs get tapped back into place, spackled, sanded and painted over. Going to confession is like going to the dealership and getting a brand new car. So if you have a clunker sitting in the garage, if you have given up on God’s forgiveness or on yourself because of repeated falls, then drive over for a new car and do it right next time.
Maybe you’ll recover if you focus on Jesus first, on others next and lastly on yourself last. If you forget, think of J-O-Y – Jesus first letter, Others next letter, Yourself last letter.

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