Mar 10, 2011

US Robbed Blind Legally. Conservatives Stupefied. Liberal Elite Leaders ROFL.

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Video description:
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann explains the discovery of billions of dollars of hidden appropriations in the Obamacare bill.

Although the House voted in February to deny new funding for ObamaCare, it has done nothing to remove the $105,464,000,000 that the last Congress allocated through passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). Unless Congress rescinds those appropriations, $5 billion will be spent this year and another $100 billion will be spent in the next 8 years (through FY2019).
Specifically, Section 1311(a) of ObamaCare provides an unlimited appropriation to the Health and Human Services Secretary to award grants to states for Exchanges. Section 4002 essentially creates a $16 billion slush fund for the HHS Secretary to spend and $2 billion is appropriated to the Secretary per year in perpetuity after 2015. Section 4101(a) allows $230 million in appropriation for school-based health centers. Section 5508 appropriates $230 million for expanded primary care residency programs and Section 2953 allocates $320 to Title XX-type education programs

My comments:
The question is: "Are we just going to shake our heads, shrug our shoulders and take our lumps as they ROFL while using our monies for abortions on our high school daughters?" To see what I mean, checkout Blood Money or go to

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