Nov 4, 2010

Video: There ain't gonna be no Slurpee summit. You should know our beverage by now.

Obama has been ridiculing Republicans as self-fanning, dirt-kicking, Slurpee-sippin obstructionsists not lifting a finger while watching Democrats struggle to dig the economy out of a ditch.  Now he's calling for a summit - a Slurpee summit.  There ain't gonna be no Slurpee summit.  You should know our beverage by now. Tea dude. Hot tea. 

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(Also, I'd cut down on the momma jokes.  Them mama grizzly's don't take kindly to pinko-commie-teleprompter-readin'-say-anthin'-poser-dudes,  you know. )

Video: Christians - helpless victims in Muslim lands

Christians are helpless lambs when facing Muslims abroad.  Here is the funeral of the slain priests and congregation from last Sunday in Irag.

Here's a question:  is it moral to engage mercenaries to protect Christians who are victimized ?

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Video: Joke of the day: Obama draws the line on Obamacare

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Obama draws the line on Obamacare.  One needs to be in a position of strength to draw lines.  He may still be blocking what happened during election day.  Let's give him time to be comfortable with the new reality that he is governing a conservative nation.

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