Jun 10, 2011

Obama now overtly defying the law (under the War Powers Act) as well as the Constitution.

From American Spectator by Jeffrey H. Anderson

With all due respect to Rich and to the Journal, the notion that presidents should decide when to initiate armed conflicts, while Congress should merely sit by or defund, is simply not the Founders’ understanding of the Constitution’s allocation of war powers — and it is a very dangerous notion to advance. As I have previously written,

The American Founders’ basic (and sensible) division of war powers under the Constitution is that Congress is empowered to decide whether to engage in war, and the president is empowered to decide how to carry out war once it has begun. The Constitution says, “The Congress shall have Power . . . To declare War,” and this was not intended to be merely a legal formality. Even Alexander Hamilton, the most ardent and forceful advocate of executive power in the founding era, said that Congress “can alone declare war, can alone actually transfer the nation from a state of Peace to a state of War.”

If military action must be undertaken with great “decision, activity, secrecy, and dispatch,” then the president can reasonably claim legitimate constitutional authority to act. It would have made little sense, for example, for President Reagan to have asked Congress to authorize his airstrike against Libya in advance, given that it was a one-time strike that required the element of surprise and was not a precursor to a larger war. But Obama had enough time to ask the United Nations on Libya, and he therefore certainly had the time — and the constitutional obligation — to ask Congress. Some 80 days later, he still hasn’t asked for authorization and is now overtly defying the law (under the War Powers Act) as well as the Constitution.

None of this is to say that we should, or should not, be in Libya. It is simply to say that we should respect our constitutional forms....

Rebuilding The Church - Online. (video)

If video fails, click here or go to http://divine-ripples.blogspot.com/2011/06/rebuilding-church-online-video.html

H/T LesFemmes

Watch Voris first.  Lots of great info and insight.

My additonal comment:  The Church is like your group of friends in Facebook or some other social media.  It spans time zones and great distances.  It is united by fidelity to the truth, the authentic teaching from the Pope Himself.  It can no longer be hijacked by Liberal priests, bishops and cardinals - specially in New England and California.

Muslims rape to make disciples. (graphic video)

Muslims rape to make disciples. It is the way Muslims force conversions as you see below. This is the side of Islam that Obama omits whenever he puts that cult on a pedestal. If video fails, click here or go to http://divine-ripples.blogspot.com/2011/06/coptic-christian-girl-being-sexually.html

or details -http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2011/06/christian-girl-being-...
or http://leponline.bravehost.com/index.html

Throughout this explanation the word "I" and its cognates refer to the person who composed this note.

It will not take long for YouTube to remove this video. I encourage everyone to download the video and make it go viral. Feel free to copy and include this explanation.

There was a page on the internet in Arabic which described the incident of which a part appears in the video. The page was athttp://www.coptichistory.org/new_page_4752.htm

I got a native Arabic speaker from Cairo to translate it into English. I then produced a summary of it and asked him if it conveyed the gist of the Arabic text. He replied "Yes that's excellent, very close to the Arabic page after removing the names".

Here is that summary:

(1) The video was received by a group calling itself "Free Copts". It shows an incident in which a Coptic Christian girl was sexually abused in an attempt to Islamize her. She belonged to a large and wealthy family of Christian Copts living in Minia in upper Egypt. One of her Muslim neighbours induced her to go to his house. Upon arriving there she was surprised to find a group of young Muslim males. They forced her to go with them to a nearby house. They threatened to kill her if she made any noise or cried for help. They forcibly took her clothes from her and videoed her completely naked next to one of the young men. The plan was to blackmail her into marrying him by informing her and her family that the tape would be made public unless she did so. They also threatened her with the same fate as had befallen another girl not far away, a girl who had been raped by 8 Muslim men, murdered, and had her body dumped in a nearby graveyard. The police and the prosecuting authority let those 8 men go free. The ringleader of the men in this video was supposed to receive a reward of 30,000 Egyptian pounds from a mosque in El Manya if they managed to get the girl to convert to Islam. The four men in the video are habitual criminals who constantly rob the shops and businesses of the Christian Copts.

(2) The girl eventually escaped back to her family. The men then tried to extort money from them.

(3) This is one of the methods Muslims are using to Islamize Egypt -- they kidnap young Christian girls, rape them, force them to convert to Islam. Sometimes they are forced to marry old Muslim men who keep them as hostages for their sexual gratification and kill them when they are of no further use.

How we pray what we believe (video)

If video fails, click here or go to http://divine-ripples.blogspot.com/2011/06/how-we-pray-what-we-believe-video.html

Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi from Leo McDowell on Vimeo.

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