Nov 14, 2011

ROE 101: Extrajudicial is the rule of law if one is an enemy combatant.

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It is shameful that those who wish to grant the enemies of the USA the legal rights and protections of American citizens do not know this.  Or if they knew, they went and ignored the protocol to pursue their Liberal agenda or Islamic support.  Last time I checked, aiding and abetting the enemy was still a crime.  Perhaps, an executive order changed this;  too many things going on - makes it hard to keep up.

How Apostasy and Blasphemy Codes are Choking Freedom Worldwide

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"Shea and Marshall give us an insight into the world, where fear of violence for speaking out against Sharia is leading to massive self-censorship. Additionally, the State Department has issued a memorandum to their employees barring them from saying such words as “Salafi, liberty, and jihadist.” Is this memo a way of curbing racism in the workplace or another example of the growing influence of Sharia?
Why are American leaders like Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton working with organizations such as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to abolish negative speech about Islam? Isn’t this just an example of stripping Americans of their freedom of speech? If so, why do these same leaders continue to stress the importance of the freedom of speech? Moreover, why are people being put on trial on blasphemy charges in democratic European countries such as Italy and the Netherlands simply for expressing their opinions on Islam and Sharia?"

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