Aug 12, 2013

The sins of mother. Tax holiday. 9/11 Muslim March.

I saw naked photos of Obama's mother in Facebook. I won't display them here for many reasons. Though I'd conclude that she may be one of the main reasons why Barrack Obama is so adamant in defending the legality of abortion. The sins of the mother continue in the son because, evil is contagious. Then again, so is good.

I went uniform shopping yesterday to avail of the tax holiday. However, I was disappointed to find Flynn and O'Hara closed because of Sunday. It was edifying though to see business choose God over Mammon. ChicK Fil A also does the same.

Muslims are planning to march in the capitol on 9/11. A million of them will dance on the ashes of their bloody act and boldly flaunt their victory. They should be careful as there are a lot of pressure cookers out there filled with braised pork that are "da bomb". Seriously speaking, if they want to express solidarity with the families and friends of the 2000+ innocent people whom they incinerated, they should just stay home, fry a vat of bacon and do a ritual cleansing in the boiling lard for all the acid attacks done on girls who refuse to sleep with them then wolf down enough bacon to choke on. It won't bring back the dead but it will surely eliminate future terrorists.

Hillary for sainthood video. Missing clip found.

Boy prays TO Obama in VIDEO

Blasphemy.  Idolatry.   Boy prays TO Obama (regardless of video title) if one listens to the content.  Symptom of the ignorance, blind allegiance and the level of stupidity in communities supporting this man.

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