Dec 4, 2012

Self confessed murderer-rapist released by Liberal judge on technicality

From the 'Where's The Outrage' files...Yet again... 18-year-old girl and her boyfriend are kidnapped. Girl is gang-raped by five disgusting thugs in a car. They stop on the side of the road, stab, slash, and beat her boyfriend until they believe he is dead. Then, they shoot Ana in the head, after she begged for her life... The ring-leader and wielder of knife and gun, Joel Lebron has been on trial for the past several months...although this crime occurred TEN YEARS AGO. The other filth accomplices have already been convicted... From one of the articles: Prosecutor Reid Rubin told jurors Lebron “knew what he was doing.” “He enjoyed it,” Rubin said, in describing how Lebron joined in raping the 18 year-old South Miami senior, violating her in every way imaginable. ------ “He began to fire this gun while she pleaded for her life,” Rubin said. Rubin recounted a conversation Lebron had with an officer shortly after he was arrested. “How did you feel when you killed the girl?” Rubin quoted the officer as asking. “What did he say? He said, ‘I felt like a King.’” The forensic evidence was undeniable...Blatant... The boyfriend SURVIVED and testified... Two of the rapist/murderous scum confessed... I'll let you read the numerous posted articles to confirm all of that... Why am I bringing up this story that occurred 10 years ago? To give a glimpse into our JUDICIAL give an example of how leftist, activist judges can make long term consequences for all... The judge for the ring-leader and murderer's trial, Judge William L. Thomas, has now declared a mistrial because an investigator mentioned during the trial that the other accomplices had been convicted, then he threw out the Joel Lebron and one of his accomplices confessions saying that, "Law enforcement did not 'properly' read the 'teens' their rights..." No other elaboration of what was done 'improperly'...After hearing the disgusting, heinous crimes committed against this girl and her boyfriend, after the confessions of two of the filth, after the extensive forensic evidence, after testimony from the boyfriend who endured the entire would seem this judge has designs on the kid-glove treatment of gang-rapists and murderers... FYI: On November 15th of this year, just a couple weeks ago...Pres O nominated William L. Thomas as a federal appeals court judge. Some info on Judge Thomas: He began his legal career in 1994 as an assistant state public defender in Miami-Dade. "Thomas was one of seven judicial nominees announced by O today. The pres issued a statement saying the nominees “have demonstrated the talent, expertise, and fair-mindedness Americans expect and deserve from their judicial system” and “represent my continued commitment to ensure that the judiciary resembles the nation it serves.” Seven federal judicial nominees...appointed. Note that tossing the confessions was followed-up by the jury recommending the death sentence. Sentencing was to occur on Nov. 9th...I could find no articles regarding the final sentencing. If anyone knows if Judge Thomas handed down the death sentence, feel free to post the link in the comments. Unlike · · Share

Real face of Hamas.

Praising their demon while murdering others.

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