Dec 18, 2012

CT lesson is that there should be less gun restrictions

John Lott, the gun advocate who recently had a heated encounter with Piers Morgan, spoke to Soledad O'Brien on Monday morning — continuing to make his pro-gun argument. O'Brien had a hard time stomaching Lott's perspective, telling him she simply does not understand it.

The common feature across such attacks, Lott said, is that, with few exceptions, they've occurred where guns have been banned. "But there's more than one thing in common, right?" O'Brien asked, adding that they're armed, often with semi-automatic weapons.

The point, Lott underlined, is that these "gun-free" pockets are the ones that are targeted. Specifically, he spoke about the gunman who chose the movie theater in Aurora, as opposed to other nearby theaters. O'Brien countered that Lott hasn't spoken to him and has no way of knowing the gunman's thought process. "How do you know that?" she asked. "You don't know that."

"Why is your takeaway from all of this to get rid of gun laws — and your takeaway is not to say, 'There are people who should not have access to certain types of weapons,'" O'Brien questioned.In this instance, she said, we know the gunman used a semi-automatic rifle to breaking into the building, rendering their security useless. "Why would you not say that's exactly the kind of weapon that someone should not be able to easily get their hands on?"

Lott said that Germany had three of the five worst public shootings in the world. And Germany has extremely strict gun control laws. "Yet they've had a worse record," Lott said.

"I don't see how any of that brings you to the decision that the answer is to get rid of gun laws," O'Brien said. A "rational person" would say there's no reason to have access to the types of semi-automatic weapons in question, she argued. It's "inappropriate."

The pair were on opposite sides of the spectrum for the remainder of the segment, with O'Brien telling Lott at the end, "I appreciate you talking with me this morning, but I just have to say, your position completely boggles me, honestly. I just do not understand it."

Comment:  Did she want to understand the position or did she want to ram down his throat her position?  If she claims not to understand, then she should give him a chance to speak.  But her agenda is to bulldoze Lott into her position. 

Other tragedies waiting to strike.

Yesterday, it was a shooter at CT.

Tomorrow, it can be cyanide mixed in a batch of oatmeal served in an old folk's home.

The week after that, it can be carbon monoxide pumped in the prison buildings while the inmates sleep.

Weeks after, it can be a tunnel or bridge caving in bringing hundreds into a watery grave because of well placed explosives.

A month after that, it can be a pipe bomb hurled at Times Square as the ball goes down.

A year after that, it can be a little and crude dirty bomb sprinkling radioactive ashes from a church steeple and spreading destruction and death to thousands.

It can be anything as long as wickedness or illness grip the hearts and minds of people.  Obama and the Liberals should look more deeply at the cause and not leverage and exploit a tragedy to promote an anti-gun culture that is un-American. 

Can gun stocks still rise?

The news this am reported gun sales going through the roof after Obama's threat to use the power of the WH to suppress the second amendment.

Here's a link confirming that news.

While gun sales have been going up since 2008, I foresee it accelerating to beat whatever executive order will be crafted.  You know it will happen as this president has bypassed all established processes to damage America.  So, one would hope that whatever order is issued will not be retroactive and the guns acquired before then will be grandfathered. 

Here is an article of the gun stocks and how much they've shot up since 08. Ruger was +700%  !

CNN coverage of Benghazi & Fort Hood victims vs. CT kids

We have TV sets all over the work place and they are all tuned to CNN.  It is making me sick to see how this network is exploiting the tragedy by covering the burial and each and every child killed in CT rampage.

I say the coverage is disproportionate because I never saw a single burial of those murdered in Benghazi, Fort Hood or Fast and Furious from CNN.  I wonder if it was even covered in passing.

But I am not surprised because CNN is Obama's propaganda outlet.  And Obama is milking this tragedy to advance his anti-gun agenda.  The tragedies at Benghazi, Fort Hood and Fast and Furious does not prop up Obama's agenda.  On the contrary, it exposes his failures and even crimes.  Hence the difference in treatment.

In a word - revolting.

More on Ft. Hood and Obama.

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