Feb 12, 2012

Are Card. Wuerl's pastors closet Obama supporters? Dissent within the Archdiocese of Washington D.C.

Remember when I posted about how disappointed I was with Card. Wuerl because I did not hear his letter against the HHS mandate read during the homily. One of my friends commented that she could not believe that he would not write against it.

So, I searched and found his letter. It is posted in the Archdiocesan site as well as St. Matthew's and Bl. Sacrament's. Bottom line, not all the parishes showed up. And I am now positive now that the pastor did not read it. How many others skipped it? Just look at their websites. If it is not even there, then most likely it was not read. But more importantly is why?

Are they closet supporters of Obama? Despite the leadership of Card. Wuerl to oppose the unconscionable mandate, did these pastors choose to stay out of the frey for fear of offending the Democrats and Liberals in the pews. I think we have a problem here.

BTW, please don't track down my parish using my pictures. I live within a 5 mile radius from 7, SEVEN, parishes. So, I could have gone to any of them. I am registered at one but I go to others for various reasons e.g. schedule, ethnic Mass, charismatic preacher, Jesuits, et al. But I digressed.

The thing is do check the parish sites in the archdiocese of Washington D.C. If you don't find the letter of Cardinal Wuerl against the HHS mandate, you may want to email or call the pastor. If we speak out, then that might cast away their fears of the Liberals.

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