Oct 1, 2012

60 minutes refutes Obama deception on Al-Qaeda being defeated

Source http://www.therightscoop.com/60-minutes-refutes-obama-deception-on-al-qaeda-being-defeated/ 60 Minutes did a report last night on Afghanistan and one component of that was to expose how Al Qaeda has resurged in is working with the Taliban to fight ISAF troops. Not only did they interview a Taliban commander who acknowledged that many Al Qaeda soldiers are working for the Taliban, but that the U.S. military’s own reports from the battlefield are replete with references to Al Qaeda, whether it be about training camps or the fact that we’ve taken 25 Al Qaeda leaders out in one month. This seems to contradict Obama’s own statement at the DNC that Al Qaeda is “on the path to defeat.” Watch the 60 minutes segment from link above.

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As in a mental institution. It is the price of freedom for those willing to pay it because freedom ironically is not free. I say, "Give me liberty or give me death."

New details on "Fast and Furious" exposed

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Report brings failed operation to spotlight again.

Fifty seven previously unidentified firearms linked to Operation Fast and Furious were recovered in sites associated with murders, kidnappings, and at least two gruesome massacres.

Paul Ryan calls for Holder to resign.

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