Sep 13, 2010

Video: Wizard of Oz Political Ad Genius

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Do it for me. If not for me, do it for Justin Bieber. Otherwise, it's ND all over again.

It's not about Obamacare or taxes.  It's do it for me or if not for me, do it for Bieber.  That's the Democrat's tactic for November.  It's not as lame and mindless as one would think if you're appealing to teens and twenty somethings.  The genius of it is personal networks - Facebook friends, My Space friends, relatives, acquaintances, classmates.   It is high-touch and high-tech.  People who smile at you and LOLs at your posts.  Not strangers.  Not some frotthing in the mouth conservative (like myself) who rambles on and on about the right to life.  It's light, fun and friendly.   My point, we need to touch people and ask for votes in a friendly way.  It is not enough to be right and righteous.  Because no one cares really... until they know that we care about them.  So, hey.  Vote pro-life for me bud.  If not, do it for Bieber.  I think he's Republican.
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Folks, I almost died that day when Catholic college graduates chanted in unison Obama's signature line, "Yes we can!" to drown out a protestor. I am afraid that November will be the same and so, I hope we have learned the lessons from Notre Dame.  It's not just about principles and righteousness.  And it is not about what we know but who we know.  I can post about Obama's pro-abortion funding in Obamacare.  But it wouldn't matter because my friend whose husband is employed by Democrats think that Sr. Keehan's endorsement of Obamacare makes it neutral like it's minor difference of opinion.  So, FYI.  We need to pray and then we need to do that personal touch.  Blasts of emails and blog posts may not be enough.

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