Oct 16, 2010

How not to ruin your wife's bra

This is not about ripping it off from her in a moment of wild, uncontrollable passion.  And it is not about trying it on.  It is about washing it.

I help my wife with chores - no matter how unmanly because, it lessens her burdens.  I know how to do laundry for my stuff but not so much with bras.  If you just throw it in with the rest, it gets entangled with the machine or tangles up the other clothes.  So, the big secret is this netted laundry bag with a zipper.  It keeps the hooks and strings in place.  So there you have it - one happy bra or you can put many together.  But if little things help, then doing the laundry is one way to show love and nurture the relationship.  Come to think of it, she's probably is grossed out when she has to wash my underpants.  So, why not give her a hand.  For one thing, I bet you've never come across a police report where the husband gets shot while doing the laundry.  And besides,  St. Paul counsels, "Bear one anothers' burdens."

4 Most Shocking Photos borrowed from iOwnTheWorld featuring "Here's Your A$$ Back Harry. I'm Through Kickin' It."

Copied from Doug Ross @ Journal  who copied it from  iOwnTheWorld .

WH jobs chart proves stimulus worked

Get your memento of that One Big Ars Mistake America.  Put it in a prominent spot so you don't ever make that same mistake ever again.

We have to build it so, you can find out what's in it.
(I'll tell you this, "If you build it, they will come.  They as in Muslims, terrorists.")

Here's Your A$$ Back Harry.  I'm Through Kickin' It.

Video: HS dropout a better man than Harvard grad Obama.

He addresses common objections for abortion better than preachers and politicians.  His logic and reasoning is more impeccable than any philosopher.  His content is as truthful as a Church document but he does not sound "churchy";  he's from the streets.  He is like a black Ronald Reagan in his articulate and effective presentation. He didn't go to Harvard or even finish high school, yet he speaks the truth better than a lot of the elites.  And he doesn't even have a teleprompter.  If video fails, go to http://divine-ripples.blogspot.com/2010/10/video-dropout-more-sensible-and-ethical.html

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