Nov 30, 2016

Church performance needs evaluation for disease of Liberalism. Bishops need to be replaced.

The Church needs to review performance during the recent elections. Why Hillary won in New York, Massachussetts, California, New Jersey, Maryland and Washington, DC needs to be investigated and discussed. It appears that the Church or the bishop has become Liberal that their voting patterns are not aligned to the Catholic Christian principles and values. The bishops need a serious examination of conscience and Rome needs to look into possible corruption or pollution of doctrine or morals in those communities as they no longer reflect Catholicity. We are the Church and we need to take it back from Liberal bishops who better Tradition, Scriptures, Magisterium & Canon Law to replace their personal proclivities instead.

Nov 21, 2016

Many US bishops are Liberal, partisan and they influence their congregations to be the same. The test is their compliance with Canon Law.

Every state has a government and some with Catholic politicians. If the pol supports abortion, then the bishop must excommunicate as required by Canon Law. If he doesn't then he is remiss and negligent. The congregation must report this partisanship to Rome & request a replacement. The same goes specially at the Federal level in Washington, D.C.

Nov 19, 2016

Not excommunicating a pro-abortion politician is really not merciful because of the injury to the flock.

A bishop replied to me stating that excommunication does not make the erring sheep better. I did not engage him further but thanked him for his candor. I think though that while he is right, excommunication protects the rest of the flock from bad example & influence. I think bishops need to follow canon law and excommunicate pro-abortion politicians like Kaine, Pelosi, Biden, Sebellius etc... to protect the Church that is confused if not scandalized by their position and justifications thereof.

Easier for the bishop to beat up the ruddy masses in the pews than to speak the salvific truth to the politically powerful Catholic.

Bishops ignore the mandates of canon or Church law for pastoral reasons i.e. to save the sinner. However, I do know of an abortion provider in Texas who got excommunicated faster than a NY minute. And then there's Biden, Pelosi, Kaine, Sebellius and many more politicians who are given a pass. It is easier for a bishop to browbeat the ruddy masses at the pews about being humble & forgiving instead of excommunicating a powerful representative or vice-president for supporting abortion even if Church law clearly defines this consequence for pro-abortion Catholic politicians. But it is less risky to exhort the congregation to be merciful than to bring the ire of someone powerful in government who can start investigations, levy fines and impose regulations that are oppressive. Bishops are supposed to be shepherds of the flock by defending it from wolves, not politicians themselves who risk scandalizing the weak, naive & credulous by their horse trading and gaming. We need to pray for our bishops just as they need to pray for courage and wisdom that they may see also the interests of the simple believers and not only the sophisticated politician or the very least their own selfish interests. Let those whose hearts are open, hear & see & do.

The politically savvy bishop vs. Canon Law

The bishops engage in partisan politics where it picks & chooses issues & parties to challenge. It is now countering Trump but it does not follow the explicit directives of Canon Law about excommunicating pro-abortion Catholic politicians. This makes the Church lose credibility in matters of faith & morals. It does make the bishops savvy politicians themselves. But what does it profit them to gain the world but lose their souls, their flocks' souls, their love for Jesus.

The Church's response on the legality of suicide in DC.

Suicide is now LEGAL in Washington, D.C. - after a vote on the proposition this election. And I haven't heard word of condemnation from our Archdiocese.

Abortions in TX vs DC archdioceses

It would be interesting to research the correlation between the number of abortions in the diocese with the compliance or lack thereof to canon law by the clerics there. Without a doubt, there are more in DC than in TX. And more in Europe than in Africa. Then one can show how the vibrancy and fecundity of the communities are directly related to the fidelity & discipline of hierarchy to the Magisterium & Canon Law. Liberal bishops think that being lax & easy will attract more people to Jesus. The results can be seen in the dying Churches of Europe and North America vs. the vibrant ones in Africa, Latin America & Asia. Jesus without the cross is not salvific.

Bishops don't preach the beliefs soon believes whatever the hell they're preaching.

Shepherds need to lead their flock not follow it. Yet bishops in Liberal dioceses become Liberals themselves. Rome needs to track these & shuffle them around for the sake of Gospel integrity. Because if we don't preach what we believe, we'll end up believing the tripe that we preach.

Eucharistic Ministry - a country club of old, white, rich Liberal women in the Archdiocese of Washington, DC

When my kids were babies, I went to Mass at a neighboring parish with a secluded "cry" room. I also put my school aged kids in their school because it won a Blue Ribbon for Excellence in Education unlike my own parochial school. Later, I decided to become a Eucharistic Minister there to deliver the Lord to the home bound & the bed ridden after the Church announced the need. I attended the meeting and filled out the forms for my contact information. The group was mostly rich, old, white Liberal women. After the meeting I headed out to the parking lot and noticed that I was being tailed. She saw me get in my dad's 2001 basic model Toyota Corolla. I never heard from the group ever since - until they were commissioned at Mass. I guess they only have room for their kind. But that did not stop me for serving as I went back to my parish & taught Faith Formation ever since. After a few years, a scandal broke this year. Their Director of Youth Ministry was arrested for sexually assaulting some of their youth.

Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. needs a black Conservative bishop

What the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. needs is a black Conservative bishop. That way, he won't be accused of racism when he stands up for what the Church believes.

Bishops cannot ignore Canon Law for pastoral reasons

Bishops cannot ignore Canon Law by citing "prudential judgment for pastoral reasons" because the canons were written for pastoral reasons. The laws were meant to ensure a consistency in Church discipline by forcing a timid bishop to take action and an overly excited bishop to temper his. The bishops in Texas, New York, DC & Massachusetts must deal with Catholic politicians who endorse abortion is the very same way - by the book. Liberal bishops who ignore unpopular actions are remiss in fulfilling their duties to the community.

Bishops are obliged to excommunicate pro-abortion politicians for the future of the Church and of humanity.

Pro-abortion Catholic politicians are not only responsible for tens of thousands of abortions in the USA because if Pelosi & Biden go up and obfuscate about the immorality of abortion and their bishops do nothing, then a lot of Liberal Kool-Aid gulping educated & cultured Catholics come out with the conviction that abortion is neutral, not really that bad. And these people pass the deception to their children and vote for more politicians who support abortion. Before you know it, the Christian population has zero growth as the future gets aborted every generation. And the muslim horde, inimical of anything Christian, lies by the sidelines waiting and having others pay their way as they reproduced 10 fold. God has inspired Canon Law to mandate that bishops excommunicate abortion proponents among Catholic politicians. And bishops who shy away from this unpleasant task are destroying the Church and are being remiss with their duties. If they cannot uphold the Church's laws, then they are obligated to tell Rome that another bishop may be more effective in shepherding the Christian community, Christ's flock.

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