Apr 26, 2009

Is abortion the most important issue? [annotated commentary]

I found this article at Vox-nova http://vox-nova.com/2009/04/22/is-abortion-the-most-important-issue/

Is abortion the most important issue?

[The answer below is no. It is not torture either. See below for the surprise ending.]

Though abortion is objectively the most widespread and murderous social evil in America (and those who fight against it - whether at abortion clinics or in politics - are to be honored), this does not make all other issues somehow less important. Even John Paul the Great, a man on a crusade against death, proclaimed that “the one issue which most challenges our human and Christian consciences is the poverty of countless millions of men and women.”
[so is it the one or just one of many?]

This is
JPII saying this, not Vox Nova, not Nate Wildermuth, but the man, our man, John Paul. (Might I add that it’s a great name for a baby?) [Only for a son.]

It’s time we saw all these “issues” as one great problem: sin.
[It is both then because they’re interwoven. ] Abortion and poverty and violence are all interwoven into one terrible system of sin. [Getting to the root – radical approach]
This sin can only be confronted through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not through clever programs, not through vicious blogs
[most likely not], not through dense books [alone], not through televised homilies [by themselves],

[ Recall when a professor once remarked about St. John Vianney, "This fellow is a complete ass. What can he possibly accomplish?" Father Vianney replied, "If Samson armed only with the jawbone of an ass, could kill one thousand Philistines, imagine what God can do with the complete ass!"]

but through a personal encounter with the King and the Kingdom.
[whose personal encounter - the pro-lifer, the pro-abortionist or both? Both, only Jesus can move the pro-abortion folks. For the pro-lifers to bring Jesus, they must first have Jesus – can’t give what you don’t have. Nemo dat quod non habet.]

But what does that really mean?
[Good question. It means we’re involved in a spiritual combat as Arch. Chaput mentioned before. What does it not mean? It does not mean that we have to stop other efforts e.g. legislation, counseling, rescue and education to stop abortion.]

It means, perhaps, finding a holy hour instead of an
internet hour. [perhaps both]

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