Mar 24, 2011

Purity, Sixth Commandment, Mortal Sin and Hell

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Video description:  or more examples of mortal sin and why they are grave matter visit

Also remember when you are going to confession you must give all known mortal sins in kind and number to the best of your ability. If you knowingly and willingly fail to mention a mortal sin then your confession is a sacrilege, non of your sins are forgiven, and you must return to the sacrament to confess all of those sins and the sacrilege that you committed. This might sound like a lot of rules, but you have to realize what is actually happening. Christ desires a serious loving relationship with you. When you seriously offend a loved one you have to apologize to them for the things you have done wrong and amend not to do them again if it is going to be a true apology. If you would be specific when apologizing to your spouse, how much more does God deserve an authentic apology?

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