Jul 28, 2009

My model in following Jesus

This week, my family is away with my in-laws. So, I use the quiet time for a spiritual retreat by watching the talks of Bo Sanchez, a Catholic lay minister.

And the wonderful thing is that I get him and his message. I think God uses him effectively because he responds to the leadings of God without any consideration for himself. When he was a boy, he imitated St. Francis by giving his clothes away and tried to shelter a homeless person in his room. Though his parents did not allow the stranger to live with them, Bo continued to follow these inspirations. He became a lay evangelist. Until now, after 30 years, his ministries continue to thrive.
In his talk found at http://preacherinbluejeans.com/videos/20090722/jul-22-2009-.html he confessed his repeated failures in purity. It is not like he was caught in the act. No one would have suspected that he was enslaved by lust and porn. But he talked about it most probably to encourage his audience. And it works me because I've always wondered about the lives of saints where there is no mention of sins after their conversion. Perhaps the hagiographers edited those out to edify the readers. But I think it only discourages because most people who try to become holy probably stumble every now and then. So what Bo did is encouraging. People will not give up in their efforts because, we'll look at Bo who rises after a fall and continues to walk towards the Lord.
Moreover, he discovered the way to overcome this addiction after numerous trials and errors. I've listed the links to his blog entries about "How To Get Rid Of Bad Habits Now!"

Needless to say that this is not an endorsement to sin. If you are pure, all the saints will counsel that you guard that purity like a most precious treasure. It will be easier to keep your virtue if you've kept your innocence than the contrary.

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