Sep 17, 2010

Better than womyn priests, these ladies will save America from Obama

Women don't have to be priests and bishops to effect positive change in society.   If these ladies focused on the liturgy and pastoral tasks, they wouldn't be able to do the good that they have done so far and the good that they are going to do to revive this country into morality, civility, sanity and godliness.

And when push comes to shove, Pamela Gorman can pack the punch.

Muslim terror plot to kill Pope foiled in UK (Obama does not condemn plot)

If video fails, go to

London: Terrorist Plot to Kill Pope Benedict XVI During UK Visit ...Sep 17, 2010 ... London: Terrorist Plot to Kill Pope Benedict XVI During UK Visit Foiled, 5 Men of “Arab Origin” Arrested (video) ...

Terrorist Plot Foiled; Police arrest five suspects in terror plot ...Sep 17, 2010 ... Has it gotten so politically correct that you can't say “Muslim extremist” anymore? ... While it is good to get more details on this terror plot, this particular ... UK Anti – Terror Police Arrest Five During Pope Visit ...

Al Qaeda Plot to Kill Pope Benedict XVI Foiled In London By ...Sep 17, 2010 ... With the radical Muslim world already rallying against the infidel Soviet .... to be in the terror network's pipeline was a plot to kill Pope Benedict XVI .... The Pope Of Christian Unity, Pope Benedict XVI Is In The UK ...

Islamic Terrorist's Plot to Kill the Pope Foiled
Red Dog Report5 Muslim men were arrested in London upon suspicion that they were planning to kill Pope Benedict as he visited the UK. ... Islamic Terrorist's Plot to Kill the Pope Foiled. Friday, September 17, 2010 10:47 am. tags: Muslim, Pope ...

Update 10:12 a.m.: Just two months ago I wrote an awesomely awesome post asking "Is the Pope in Danger." There seems to be good reason to say "Yes Matt he is." If you'll recall an influential Islamic publication called the Pope "evil" and urged Muslims to let their feelings for the Pope be shown. And we all know how radical Muslims let their feelings known. In short, they don't journal about their feelings. They seem to blow things up and kill people.

Most states dump; DE trashes; NY recycles

by Lisa Benson

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