May 4, 2012

Obama's Life of Julia gimmick backfires. videos

Hypocrites and Liars: Islamic supremacism at Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference atlasshrugs2000 Subscribe 424 videos

There are videos going around by Islamic supremaicts claiming they were refused entry to the Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference. Every attendee had to register and we were overbooked. Once again, the subject matter, the subjugation, oppression and slaughter of women is discarded and ignored, much like their plight. And a distraction created to avoid the bloody truth. In a ridiculous email exchange, I wrote to pro-honor killing "journalist" (for the Arab Institute), Omar Baddar Ah, I see, Muslim women not getting into a sold out conference (which they did not register for) is far more newsworthy and significant than Muslim girls being slaughtered for wanting to live a free life of their own choosing. Got it. lml The point of registering guests was to avoid the chaos and attempted shutdown of our event at Temple University. Any Muslim girl that needs help to escape gender terrorism can contact us. We will get them safe harbor.

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