Feb 20, 2012

Questioning Obama's Christianity- by Santorum, the Catholic Church and everyone else with a conscience

A firestorm of self-righteous indignation has exploded from the Liberals who are defending Obama's Christianity against the comments of Rick Santorum.
And the Santorum camp explains the comment as not really attacking Obama's Christianity - per se. See all the videos here.
( http://www.therightscoop.com/santorums-phony-theology-comments-misconstrued-in-the-media/ )

In my opinion, that was weak. Santorum should have stuck to his guns and attacked because, that was fair game. A president who claims to be a Christian but supports the most unchristian policies and activities can and should be called up to his inconsistency.

The Liberals will then come up with the objection that Jesus commanded Christians not to judge others. And that is where the distinction between judging the deeds vs. judging the intentions and circumstances come in.

No one can condemn the intentions because, only the doer knows why he commited or omitted something. Neither can circumstances be known fully; and these are critical as aggravating or extenuating conditions that can impune more culpability or guilt as well as acquit or excuse someone - as in the case of insanity. Those are the areas that no one can judge because, only God knows the complete picture.

However, there are actions, deeds that are observable and objective enough to be scrutinized vis-a-vis the Christian moral standards. And that, anyone can "judge" as in observe, comment, evaluate.

Given that distinction, it is clear that the entire Holy Roman Catholic Church has judged Obama's Christianity recently with his administration's mandate on Catholic organizations to provide contraceptive devices and medications through a law that he vigorously promoted - "Obamacare". Such a deed and those similar to it e.g. Obama's support of born-alive "abortions" or infanticide can be questioned, condemned and opposed. And yes, it is the most unchristian deed of all - to deny the primacy of conscience, to tell a person to dismiss the voice of God and to simply bow down to the idol of the government.

What kind of a Christian president will promote such an idolatry, such a violation in the most sacred forum where man is alone with his Maker and Judge. Obama's Christianity has been questioned by the cardinals, bishops and the entire bishops' conference of the USA weeks before Santorum made that remark. (Liberals fail to catch such subtle and fine accusations. But I digress.)

So, yes his Christianity can and should be questioned afterall, he claims to be one and is affecting the lives of a nation that is predominantly Christian.

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