Jun 11, 2009

Ghosts caught on tape

I saw those from TV last week and recalled a couple of experiences that my mom narrated. Bottom line, these confirm that there’s life after death and that can shift a lot of paradigms.

First, the videos. Those were from a TV series about ghosts. They’ve taped one on the security camera as she hovered over her car in an impound lot. Her attire was what she had worn when she had an accident the day before. There’s another who answers questions by writing on a Polaroid film. When someone thought of a question then takes a picture, as soon as the film develops, the answer is appears written over the picture. The list goes on about appearances, misty clouds etc...

What follows are my mom's experiences that she shared with me while she lived.

The first was when I was an infant and an aunt who was fond of me passed away. That night, my mom had awaken to see her. Upon recognizing her, my mom asked, “Didn’t you pass away already?” My aunt replied, “I did, but it happened too quickly so, I asked permission to come.” Then my aunt asked about me. My mom was scared so she started praying the Rosary. After praying the “Hail Mary” part, my aunt responded with the “Holy Mary” part.

I forgot the rest of that story but not the second incident because I was part it.

I was 12 when we rushed my brother to the hospital. He went into convulsions as we dropped them off the emergency room entrance. After parking, my dad and I went in and tracked my mom’s loud cries only to find her holding my brother so close that I thought he died. But he didn’t. After his release, mom told me what happened. Just as the doctors had started working on my brother, my mom saw a deceased aunt walking down the hall towards them as though to pick up my brother. At that point, she grabbed my brother and held him tight. And that is why she was doing that when I saw her.

So for those of us who are nearing death, there’s no need to be sad; because, we’ll be living forever. And if anyone is skeptical, I can visit them if the Lord allows it. Just ask. And if you dismiss me as an imaginary phenomenon, then I can touch you with my cold fingers and whisper something in your ear. Deal?

(Oh death, where is your sting?)

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