Mar 20, 2011

On Hanging On To Life vs. Saving Money.

When my dad died, we found that he had Leukemia.  None of us knew - not even my youngest brother who visited him weekly.  Knowing how thifty he is, I suspect that he might have known - formally or informally and opted to let the disease take it's toll.  He might thought of sparing us the financial burden for his medical treatments.    At hindsight, I was thinking that if he languished on through chemo, then it may be troublesome but it would have brought out the best from us all.  I know that my other brother, the middle, loves him because he comes to join us whenever I set up a get together for my dad.  But when my dad died, he got into drugs and is now a biker.  So, when making end of life decisions, old people should consider that their worth goes beyond becoming a burden.  That burden may actually do good.

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