Oct 25, 2013

A 13 Minute Video Every Voter Should Watch

A 13 Minute Video Every Moderate/Undecided Voter Should Watch - 

A short un-narrated documentary that looks at Obama's first term with regards to transparency, healthcare, taxes, fairness, energy and the national debt through his own words

WordsMatter2012 was launched this past March to offer non-partisan and objective insight into whether President Obama delivered on the many promises he made when running for office. The project was in fact inspired by a speech he gave in 2008 in which he said that "words matter." Through short weekly videos highlighting his promises, we merely ask, "Did his words matter? And do they matter today?"


John Adams - God Save The American States, ..... AGAIN

America cannot be restored with the leeches at the Federal level sucking the life out of the states and the corruption on both sides perpetuating a dysfunctional and decadent structure and dynamic. What is needed is to have a clean sweep but that cannot happen because of the entrenched professional politicians. A bloody revolution is not feasible either. So, a peaceful secession may not be that far fetched. I think it will transition more smoothly than Obamacare.

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