Jan 10, 2011

Good 'Hate' Speeches

Today, the Liberal media shamelessly blame Conservatives' speech for the fault of a deranged man.  So, there's even no causal relationship but no one expects the Left to either be sincere or sensible.  Regardless, this leads us to examine the issue of censorship as one man's "hate" speech is another man's revelation and inspiration.  And if these historical speeches in the video had not been made, then the world would have been far worse off than it is now. 

Only the opponents of truth and righteousness fear their exposure.  Only they try to muzzle the prophets and outlaw their proclamations.  See how Islam outlaws all criticism and punishes with death those who speak against it.  Although I think, no law could have stopped the leaders from making them anyway.  If video fails, go to http://divine-ripples.blogspot.com/2011/01/without-these-hate-speeches-world-would.html 

H/T AmusingBunni

Single Greatest Threat to National Security

Democrats want to stop the bloggers from exposing Obama's unconstitutional agenda.

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