Dec 15, 2011

Way forward with invented Palestinians

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Newt acknowledged what everyone knew all along about the Palestinians. Now it has made more people aware of the fraud that has been plaguing the Middle East situation and worse how the USA is going along with this lie for whatever reason - appeasing Arabs for oil, an appearance of peace achievements. Now the challenge is to choose to ignore the 80 pound gorilla that the Palestinians are a joke, a gimmick to push Israel away from their home or to carry on with a detente - no matter how morbid.

American Jewish pundits like Jennifer Rubin seems to favor the pragmatic approach of appeasement, peace at all costs, and having America dance like a fool in this charade with the Arab pulling the strings and paying the piper. Israeli Jewish pundits like Caroline Glick have a more purist approach. They call a spade a spade, a non-entity as such and the Palestininans as a terrorist group of Arabs masquerading as some indigenious people who have rights to that patch of dessert that Jews call home.

I am more in favor of a truthful approach instead of playing along with a lie. It is more challenging and the Muslims will certainly oppose it. But the lie is just as bad and is only a slow and diplomatic way to push Israel out to the sea. The map of the Paletinians make no room for the Jewish state.

That said, Caroline Glick provides ideas on the way forward, this time with clear ideas that the Palestinians are who they are - illegitimate people with no rights to the land, Muslim terrorists whose only goal is to annihilate Israel. It is refreshing to snap out of this farce and build on a solid foundation i.e. the truth.

From pro-choice to pro-life. Stories of conversion.

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The Gift Of Life, hosted by Governor Mike Huckabee.

In 2012, the election is also about the on-going slaughter of unborn children.

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