Oct 8, 2009

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My 7 year old boy, "Steven" has a caterpillar project that has become a family undertaking. We watched YouTube clips and went with the egg carton. His 10 year old brother, "Tom" cut off ends of coat hangers to use as legs. Steven wants to finish it tonight until I found that it was due next week. He said he wanted it out of the way. "Out of the way of what?" I thought - like he has a pressing schedule to keep.

My 6 year old girl was crying because no one wanted to play UNO with her. So, I asked for a hand and started to play. She stopped crying and soon her sobbing turned into chatter as she directed me to take 4 cards or do the reverse. She's the UNO champion of the family but her brothers don't mind losing.

My 2 year old is yelling for attention as my wife put her in the crib for a break. "She has diarhea" my wife reported. I asked,  "So what has she been eating?" But the baby's cries got even louder that we could barely hear each other. So, the baby got picked up.

Then the basement toilet was stinking. The boys clogged it with too much toilet paper and poop. Back when my wife and I started, we divided the chores where I got whatever is heavy and stinky. So, I'll flush, plunge and use the auger if nothing works.  I learned that when we had a plumber come over. They charged $50 back then. The auger cost a lot less.

There's some peace and quite now; so, I wrote this as a thin slice of life about being a dad in the 21st century.  I also looked into Facebook and saw a funny video that has been shared by 3 friends.  I saw it and it was hilarious.  It is what it is and does not make any general statement about a certain gender.

Source: Click here or type  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZO7HL6V9N0Q

I still have to replace a couple of hard drives.  I'm not sure how they got corrupted - probably because of  wear and tear that I could have lessened by putting the computers in sleep mode instead of keeping them running.  I got the drives from Ebay because they're from models older than 5 years.  I saw a YouTube video on how to install them.

I have to pay some bills online, take my meds, brush my teeth and pray before I sleep. I thank God for this noisy crew and ask His protection over them. I am thinking of going to an early Mass tomorrow, but it feels too cold to get out of bed early in the morning. But I'm going to try anyway. The doctrine of the Mystical Body is that if I become holy, then I raise the holiness of my family. That is really the best that I can give them and I won't have to yell as much if they're holy.  So, we'll see.

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