Sep 29, 2012

Viral video: Fear in Israel. Betrayed by Obama.

A new, 18-minute mini-documentary follows the journey of Irina, a 23-year-old liberal, Jewish New Yorker who voted for Obama in 2008. Yet as her connection to Israel has grown, and she has learned more about the President's policies across the Middle East and towards Israel in particular, Irina has come to realize that "when the chips are down," the President may not "have Israel's back" as he says.

The short film features:

Exclusive interviews with leading journalists and politicians in Israel 
(Bloomberg, London Times, Jerusalem Post, etc.) 

Mainstream news reports (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, BBC, etc.), 

Clips from longtime Democratic supporters including: Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY)

Obama justifies fraud "It's just politics" and America's response VIDEO

Obama's excuse for lies and smears, "That happens in politics." Someone who justifies unethical actions that way will surely justify cheating during the elections itself with the same reason. Hear him in context.

America's response, "An armed man is a citizen; a disarmed man is a subject."

Is it right to call mohammed prophet?

Calling mohammed a prophet is like a proclamation of faith just like calling Jesus the Christ or the Anointed One.  In fact one can become a muslim with the simple proclamation that allah is god and mohammed is his prophet.  [spit]    In reality, mohammed is a false prophet, a pretender who mocks the name of God by making proclaiming extortion, murder and oppression of non muslims to be the divine will.

And when is truth slander. The movie was a depiction of what was written about mohammed from the Koran and other muslim sources.  It seems that to Obama, the truth about this false prophet and violent cult of exploitation and extortion cannot be revealed.

Obama to give ~$.5 Billion to Egypt / Syria. GOP blocks move.

The head of a House panel that oversees foreign aid is blocking $450 million in U.S. assistance to Egypt.
Republican Rep. Kay Granger of Texas said in a statement Friday that the State Department notified Congress of plans to transfer the money to the new government of President Mohammed Morsi. Granger says she isn't convinced of the urgent need for the aid and is putting a hold on the funds.

Read more on House Lawmaker Blocks $450M in US Aid for Egypt

Video: Obama's Benghazi-Gate Timeline

This one is the latest and more complete

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