Dec 16, 2011


In debt to Islam, but not in the way Obama presents it i.e. not a positive way.

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Most Americans have no idea about the violent history of Islam. Master historian Bill Federer brings to light the facts and connections of Islam that every American needs to know.

Within 100 years of Mohammed's death, Muslim warriors were just outside of Paris, having conquered North Africa, the Holy Land, Persian, and Spain. From the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, the Umayyad Muslim Caliphate, and later the Ottoman Empire, were for centuries the largest empires in the world!

At present, the Muslim Brotherhood - along with its many international subdivisions - is attempting to form an international caliphate of Muslim nations. What has happened in the Middle East this past month emphasizes the danger.

American Minute

Some of the many subjects covered in Bill Federer's DVD include:
Mohammed's military career
Islam's conquests and expansion
The Crusades
The Fall of Constantinople
Muslim Pirates
Martin Luther
Is the U.S. becoming a Dhimmi nation?

Europe is now home to 50 million. "The number one name given to newborns in England -- Mohammed. ... In 20 years there will be 100 million Muslims in Europe. They will dominate politics."
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