Mar 19, 2010

Dissident nuns support of Obamacare exaggerated. Faithful nuns oppose et. al.

Mama (Mary) says, "Knock you out!"

The LCWR, a coalition of liberal nuns came out with a statement supporting Obama's bill despite the bishops' objections and teachings to the contrary.  There was sensationalized by the MSM only to be disproven upon close examination.  Go to  or click here.  These dissenters are the same ones who oppose the Vatican inspection.

The faithful nuns represented by CMSWR, the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious,  issued their own statement that opposed Obamacare.  See below:

March 18, 2010 - In a March 15th statement, Cardinal Francis George, OMI, of Chicago, president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, spoke on behalf of the United States Bishops in opposition to the Senate's version of the health care legislation under consideration because of its expansion of abortion funding and its lack of adequate provision for conscience protection. Recent statements from groups like Network, the Catholic Health Association and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) directly oppose the Catholic Church's position on critical issues of health care reform.

The Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious, the second conference of Major Superiors of Women Religious in the United States, believes the Bishops' position is the authentic teaching of the Catholic Church.

Protection of life and freedom of conscience are central to morally responsible judgment. We join the bishops in seeking ethically sound legislation.

Mother Mary Quentin Sheridan, R.S.M.
On behalf of the Membership of the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious

In my opinion, the liberal nuns have to be taken to task for misleading the faithful in such a crucial matter.  Their bad example and infidelity should no longer be tolerated.  These misguided souls need to retract their statements, repair the damage of their past offenses and sin no more.  But since this is not the first time, I doubt if they will do that.  So, we need to stop donating to their orders and causes and let them know why.  If they won't stop, then they have no business being a nun;  they should pack their bags and go home.  We don't want their false teachings and scandals.  We may picket their houses to show them what abortion is;  they might think the fetus is just a glob of blood. 

We can also contact the bishops where they operate with that same message and request him to expel them from his diocese.  We can contact their superiors at Rome and even the Vatican office for nuns.  Something needs to be done because, they will continue if they are not checked.  See what damage that has done in the past and being now and will be done later.

Incredible and abhorrent.

Update: From the dissenters, I cross referenced their orders with a list of Catholic religious institutions from Wikipedia. After removing the duplicates, I can only find 25 groups among the 323 orders listed; 11 do not appear in the list.

25 Orders with dissenting nuns:
Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters
Religious of Jesus and Mary
Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary
School Sisters of Notre Dame
School Sisters of St. Francis
Servants of Jesus Leadership Team
Servants of Mary (Servite Sisters)
Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
Sisters of Charity
Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Leadership Team
Sisters of Notre Dame
Sisters of Social Service
Sisters of St. Francis
Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity St. Francis Province
Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace
Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis
Sisters of the Holy Family
Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary
Society of the Holy Child Jesus
The Congregation of St. Joseph
Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland

11 groups do not match the list from Wikipedia:
x Franciscan Sisters of Mary
x Sisters of St Francis
x Sisters of St. Dominic
x Sisters of ST. Francis of Philadelphia
x Sisters of St. Louis, California Region
x Sisters of the Eucharistic Covenant
x Sisters of the Holy Faith
x Sisters of the Holy Names
x Sisters of the Precious Blood
x Sisters of the Presentation, San Francisco
x  The Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes

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Re:  Senate bill would allow community health care centers to directly fund abortions with federal money.
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US Democracy: Bypassed, Opposed, Denied

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