Nov 8, 2009

Blog: A battle won; time to execute the traitors

A pro-life amendment to the healthcare reform bill passes thanks to the grassroots efforts of ordinary citizens who pressured their representatives.  While we watch intently to ensure that no slight of hand tricks happen at the last minute in the combined version, we remember what happened just a week ago.

The USCCB has requested every diocese to explain how the proposed bill contained provisions that fund abortion from federal funds and even prepared a handout to be distributed with the bulletin.  From the polls later, it appears that only a few churches collaborated.  The question is why?

Some say it was rushed.  But how did the other communities manage?  Everyone got the notice at the same time.

Others think that it will be meddling in partisan politics and that can jeopardize the tax exemption of the Church.  Ka-ching! That's 30 pieces of silver for the unborn.

Then there are those in liberal communities who will not welcome such an opposition.  Places like the archdiocese of Washington, D.C. filled with feminists, Democrats, and liberals make it daunting to speak about the sin of abortion.  So, the bishop tucks tail and run.  Like St. Peter, he denies the Lord over and over again.  I just hope he will repent soon or just step down because he cannot protect God's unborn.

Still others are quiet dissenters from the Church's teaching against abortion.  Those need to be identified and reported to the Vatican.  Just think that only 30% of the bishops protested Notre Dame's awarding of an honorary degree in law to a man who has consistently denied the weakest their most fundamental and inalienable right to life.

So, if your bishop did not have the notice read in his diocese you may want to ask.  Needless to say that what is worse than a wolf in sheep's clothing  is a wolf in the shepherd's garb.

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