Mar 24, 2012

Israel War Scenarios. Just do it. Now.

Iran will wipe Israel out of the Middle East without a doubt - by their very words and commitments. Watch video for proof.

It took 6 years to stop Hitler.  By that time, 6 million Jews have been killed.  That is close to the present day population of Israel.

There is never a good time for war.  Then again, time is of the essence.  Hopefully, the lesson of WWII has been learned.

The other muslims will go nuclear if Israel strikes or don't strike Iran.  But it is better to live without the shadow of nuclear annihilation haunting every night.

So if the others go nuclear too, then we just keep taking out the trash.  Like weeds, we'll keep uprooting.  There is no other way.  Timidity and acquiescence only builds the railways to Dachau and  Auswitch.

Let's do what needs to be done - decisively, effectively, efficiently.  Forget Obama.  He's on the muslim side.  To delay is to doom.  That's how the Jews almost got extinct.  

Brent At $126 As Israel Security Cabinet Votes 8 To 6 To Attack Iran

"Israeli political sources believe that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a majority Cabinet support Israeli military action against Iran without American approval....

He announced that he would not hesitate to perform the operation without the approval of President Obama mentioned the precedent of the decision to attack the Iraqi reactor, Prime Minister Menachem Begin, and with the comments heard yesterday some cabinet ministers say privately that "It sounds like a speech preparation for attack." Political - Security Cabinet 14 ministers.

According to estimates, at this stage tend to support Netanyahu and
Barak's approach eight ministers, and six against it (including the traditional opponents octet: Moshe Ya'alon, Dan Meridor, Benny Begin and Eli Yishai)." So... $4.00 gas is just around the corner. As is, probably, $5.00 gas. And $6.00 gas.

So it appears that the dies is cast. Our ETA for the earliest possible offensive? Not before CVN-65 Enterprise reaches CVN 70 and CVN 74, sometime over the next 3-5 days. Of course, this is not a prediction of war. Just a logistical notice.


Video proof of why you shouldn't believe anything Obama says..

Didn't even bother to change the phrase.

Obama's black "son" was actually attacking the watcher who fired in self-defense.

What the corrupt media did not report:

"Trayvon was on a five day suspension from school which is why he was staying at his father's girlfriends' house.

The witness reports that George Zimmerman was on the ground and Trayvon is on top of him punching him.

The witness says that George Zimmerman was screaming and yelling for help. Police arrive and find Zimmerman bleeding on his face and the back of his head. He also has had grass stains on his back. All this confirms the story told by Zimmerman and the witness.

Police play the 911 tape for Trayvon Martin’s father, who tells police that the voice screaming is not the voice of his son."

The world is still a good place to bring children.

A guy at work told me that he would never bring children into this world. I wondered if he had access to other worlds.    Here's to you Richard and the others like you. I hope your world changes before you're too old to raise children.

And God is there always.  He'll prevail over all evils - abortion, Obama, muslims etc....

Norway Tackles Problems from Muslim Immigrants (video)

CBN News traveled to Oslo to investigate reports that Muslim radicalism has been growing along with violence and intimidation against non-Muslims... The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN

must see: Obama & 2016 (What is Obama about? )
Full speech of Dinesh D'Souza from the CPAC livestream
This college president gives an insight on Obama based on Obama's writings.  Watch the speech for 14 minutes. It flows well and is even handed.  That makes it more credible and the thoughts more alarming.

Video: Background of Supreme Court Basis to Strike Down Obamacare

More here or

*Update: U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson ruled that because the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's individual mandate to purchase health insurance is unconstitutional, the entire law "must be declared void." Judge Vinson cites this video on page 47 of his decision. 

The Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution grants Congress the power to "regulate commerce . . . among the several States," and for more than 100 years federal lawmakers invoked it for a very narrow purpose—to prevent states from imposing trade barriers on each other. But today members of Congress act as if it gives them the authority to do just about anything—including forcing you to eat your vegetables.

During her Supreme Court confirmation hearings, Elena Kagan seemed to accept that the Commerce Clause could, in theory, give Congress the power to dictate what Americans eat. And what about ObamaCare's "individual mandate," which forces Americans to purchase health insurance? ObamaCare opponents are lining up to challenge its constitutionality, but supporters say it's justified—you guessed it—under the Commerce Clause.

How did a clause intended as a restriction on states wind up giving Congress a green light to regulate noncommercial, local, and purely private behavior? How will ObamaCare stand up against the legal challenges brought by the states? Legal titans John Eastman (Chapman University Law Professor) and Erwin Chemerinsky (Founding Dean, University of California, Irvine School of Law) slug it out to to determine whether or not Congress has been abusing the commerce clause.

Obama Administration Gives 1.5 Billion to Muslim Brotherhood (video)

Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) spoke on the House floor and addressed the recent report that the Obama Administration is giving $1.5 billion in military aid to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Why muslim women cover their faces. (video: sexual content advisory)

I would cover my face too.  And they're afraid driving will make them promiscuous?

HHS Protest in DC. My pics.

With Dave, my first recruit when I started Singles for Christ in Maryland. He's now in FCJ - Families in Christ Jesus.

Yeah, what she wrote sums it all.

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