Dec 6, 2012

To accept Obama as president is to be part of the deception.

Democrats say the elections are over and we must accept the process and get with the program. I say the elections are invalid because of fraud. For some reason, the GOP decided not to contest the results - probably because of futility. Some can live with injustice and fool themselves by doing so. Some can accept fraud and enable the wrong doers by doing so. In the next 4 years, I will stand in opposition to this crime and will not be party to it by surrendering the truth. Obama did not win these elections; he stole them.

White folks don't protest being robbed for fear of being called racist? Their election was stolen.

If someone stole from you, would you mind? It is becoming evident that black people have stolen the election and yet there is no protest. I don't get it. People are more concerned about being called racist that they give their future away to thieves.

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